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We believe in the policy of “YOU CHOOSE WE DELIVER".

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Birthday and other Celebrations!

We love party and making the little ones, Adults or even elder ones very happy with our unique work.

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and flexibility to meet our customer’s individual requirements. We will work with you to ensure that your every need is met according to your budget.

Golden Apple Entertainment is the Event Management Company based in Dehradun operating since 2010, and has given tremendous contribution in spreading smiles.

Our team comes with new and innovative themes and also welcomes the ideas from our esteemed clients as well.

To get more details on the Birthday party planners prices list kindly call us on 9219666688, we will be more than happy to serve you.

We are the event company and very well known as one of the Best Birthday Party Organizers in Dehradun & Mussoorie.

Our team will surely assist you with various kids’ birthday party ideas whether 2D or 3D theme decorations and all those will be inexpensive birthday party ideas for sure. Even if you need assistance in indoor birthday party ideas or party ideas for 5 years old.

As a Party Planners in Dehradun & Mussoorie.We allow you to design your own package.

Birthday Party Ideas

Here at Golden Apple Entertainment, we want you to know just how special your occasion is to us, even if the occasion is simply “just because.”

We will be glad enough to share new birthday ideas with you and also will welcome yours.

We would also help you know, how to plan a birthday party at your venue, as we know planning a birthday party could be bit difficult.

We would surely come with unique party themes and trending birthday themes for your loved ones.

We also deal in party themes for teenagers. Not just teenagers we also have variety of party themes for kids.

The theme or ideas you choose would be either for Banquet, halls or kids birthday party ideas at Lawn.

Birthday parties for kids are always a fun destination to be around. Children of all ages gather up and have lots of fun, which is a site to behold. Their pure hearts of innocence and blooming friendship touch one another, as it also touches our hearts too. For bigger parties, you need organizers and planners, who will be able to light up your client special day with their innovative ideas and creative minds. With our experience, we will be able to help you celebrate a party with your client that they will remember for a long time. From decorations, seating arrangements, eatables, themes to lighting and entertainment; we take care of all the nitty-gritty so that you don't have to worry about all these things. I’ll make sure that your client spends the maximum amount of this wonderful day with their child. Your client will not miss out on his child's first birthday laugh or a smile because client was too busy with the decorations. For kids, especially for those below the age of 3, can be a very frightful and uncomfortable place to be, this is the reason why many children cry, as they get surrounded by strangers.

As a Party Planners in Dehradun & Mussoorie.Our Company have few package’s specially designed for customer demand. Please choose according to your need and Requirement.

  • Platinum Birthday Party Package
  • Diamond Birthday Party Package
  • Gold Birthday Party Package
  • Silver Birthday Party Package
  • Bronze Birthday Party Package
  • Normal Birthday Party Package

For more information about package’s please call us on 9219666688, 7409505000.

These Elements for Birthday Party Package’s

    A) Theme Décor

    Theme Backdrop (Size as per the availability)

    Calligraphic name on Backdrop

    Theme Cut-outs

    LED Light

    Balloon Pillars

    B) Balloon Entrance

    Welcome Board

    LED Light

    C) Balloon Décor

    Balloon Clusters

    Balloon Blower

    Balloon Standees

    Balloon flowers

    Balloon bunches

    Polka dot balloons

    Kakdi balloons

    Balloon ribbons

    D) Cake Table Décor

    Will decorate the table with balloons

    E) Music system





F) Game host

Game host with an experience of more than 6 years.

Will perform the Spontaneous games for 1 hr to 2 hrs

G) Photographer

Photographer with 2-3 years’ experience

Will click unlimited copies during the entire event

Will provide the soft copies then and there itself.

H) Birthday Sash

Birthday Sash for Birthday Boy or Girl will be provided.

I) Birthday Stalls

Ring Game

Balloon shooting game

Ball throw game

Sugar candy

Popcorn stall

Face Painting

Tattoo Making

Fishing Game

Joker face game

Photo Gallery

Instant Photo Stall

3D Theme Decorations

A) Theme Décor:- 3D Castle Backdrop , 3D Cut-outs, Happy Birthday Board , 3D Birthday Boy/Girl Name, Wooden Fencing, Artificial (Grass, flower and Mushroom) Balloon Pillars, Led lights.

B) Balloon Décor (Theme Color Balloons):- Balloon Clusters, Balloon Blower ,Balloon Standees, Balloon flowers, Polka dot balloons, Kaki balloons.

C) 3D Entrance, Balloon Entrance, Welcome board, Theme Cutouts at the entrance, LED lights.

  • Theme Invites
  • Theme Cakes(Photo/3d)
  • Theme Decoration
  • Lighting
  • Audio-Video (Dj,Projectors,Live Bands etc.)
  • Artists & Entertainers(Host,Game Host,Clown,Magician,Jugglers,Face-painters,Tattoo-artists,Tarot Card reader,Bangle-maker,Potter etc.)
  • Games & Activities (Indoor/Outdoor/Game-stalls etc.)
  • Videographer & Photographer
  • Gifts & Return Gifts.........